Hoping to order something from Amazon Prime and get it in the usual two days? Think again.

Amazon customers are reporting that many items available from the retail giant are delayed, in some cases, up to a month.

I recently placed an order that included a book, and two items of clothing - the book will arrive on April 21st, while the clothing is due to arrive this week.

The New York Post reports "Items such as NutriBullet blenders, computer cables and best-selling books would not be delivered until at least April 21 if ordered on Monday, Amazon listings showed. Shoppers could normally get those products within two days with an Amazon Prime subscription, which offers free express shipping for a monthly fee."

Amazon previously announced they would prioritize shipments of 'vital supplies' to its warehouses until April 5th is response to increased demand amid the coronavirus crisis.

Have you ordered anything recently? When will it arrive?

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