A wife asked her friends to photoshop all the things her sleeping husband missed on their road trip and the results are priceless.

Nate and Sharea Overman were heading to visit family. "My husband was driving and at one point it looked as if he were sleeping," Sharea explained. "I took a picture of him and posted it in a Facebook group asking friends to photoshop funny things in the window."

Photoshop they did. And the results have gone viral. "We are getting messages from people all over the world - Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, the Philippines, Hawaii, all thanking us for the laughter and smiles," Sharea said. "Many of them telling us how hard of times they are going through and they needed that laugh/smile."

The couple is blown away at all the attention the pictures have gotten. Sharea says she just thought it would be something fun for her and her husband. "We are so humbled to be part of this and see people from all over the world, coming together to create hilarious pictures for everyone to enjoy."

What You Missed While You Were Sleeping

For the record, Nate wasn't really asleep. Sharea said she has received some negative feedback but it was all staged for fun. "2020 has been a total crap show and people need a good laugh. So stop nitpicking everything and just enjoy life."

See all the brilliant photoshop pictures on Sharea's Facebook page.

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