We all know how expensive weddings can get. That's why a Denny's in Las Vegas is offering free weddings on the most romantic day of the year. Even better, you don't have to register. Just show up Valentine's Day between 12 to 6 P.M. and get ready to tie the knot.

Thrillist is reporting that the Denny's on the Vegas strip is setting up a pop-up chapel where couples can exchange their vows. Thrillist says that the Denny's will provide an officiant, a DJ. and complimentary "Wedding Pancake Puppies" with a champagne toast. You'll even be offered a cash bar.

Now, if you're not already traveling to Vegas by this Valentine's, then you can check out the restaurant's year-round wedding package for only $200. This will even include special t-shirts and a Pancake Puppies Cake for you to enjoy. Keep this in mind if you're heading to Sin City at some point this year.

Of course, if you're single, then you might want to check out Hooters and their special free chicken wing dinner offer instead.

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