Im sure every girl would want to get here the words "Lets get married at McDonald's". I sure that will be the last time she goes out with him or her lol

You see the Cake of apple pies in the picture above lmaooooo

But if you are different shoot if wanna inexpensive wedding, McDonalds can be on your list of options

The fast-food chain has priced up their wedding service, which they have dubbed as the “Happiness Party”, at a very doable $381. This package offers 2-hour venue rental, basic audio equipment, and a party MC.

Orrrrrr You can get the “Love Forever Party” Which offers a 2-hour venue rental, 2 McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, a balloon bridal bouquet, and a party MC, for $1,271

McDonald’s spokesperson, Jessica Lee told CNBC

“We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating,” Ms. Lee explained. “McDonald’s is where their love stories grew.”

Would you Get married at Mcdonalds for $400?