2 windmills on the property produce a $20,000-$25,000 yearly income.

If you have ever driven from Albany to Buffalo, or from Rochester to the Southern Tier of New York State, you have seen many windmills on various hilltops. Ever wonder what the landowners make off of those?

New York State, like California, is going greener with every new year. As the calendar is getting ready to turn to 2023, there will be many changes coming and fossil fuels will be on the way out. What will power New York? Wind power may be the future for many areas.

I was looking at some houses and property that is for sale in Wyoming County. There are many windmills along the ridge tops and one property that is for sale also comes with a nice annual paycheck from the windmill owners who lease the property.

2 windmills on the property produce a $20,000-$25,000 yearly income. Driveway is also maintained yearly, plowed in the winter, by the windmill company. Great yearly income with no effort on your part. A new contract will be in 5 years with a higher rate. ALL RIGHTS CONVEY.

Incredible Wind Farm In Wyoming County

This property at 3241 Syler Rd, Varysburg, NY is for sale and has it all! Tons of land and great setting among the trees and a great income to boot! As the price of things stays high and the push to become more energy efficient happens, these windmills become even more valuable!

Yes, there are some who think the windmills are also vandalism to the beautiful landscape and views around New York. There is a big movement happening to prevent any new windmills from being placed in Lake Erie. But if you want a secluded place that also is paying you back, and if you have the cash to spend, this property in Wyoming County may be just what you are looking for!

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