According to the NY Post, there's a new trend on Tik Tok that parents will not be happy about. An average price of Ugg Boots is $170 according to their website. There may be places to find them cheaper like outlets or other retail stores, but they are not cheap by any means. A new trend on Tik Tok has teens cutting their Ugg boots into slippers. The Tik Tok videos do talk about cutting old Uggs into slippers not brand new ones since it doesn't make sense because Ugg slippers are only around $100. The NY Post believes as models and celebrities started wear the Classic Ultra Mini Ugg Boots, young people found these trendy. So, being that young people wanna stay trendy, they felt that they should cut their own boots down to the ankle or lower. Parents have mixed feelings about this new trend, some say it's smart to cut the boots if they are old and their teen will reuse them and some parents are furious.

I have to admit, I have cut my Ugg Boots. Before you freak on me, hear me out. Last year, shortly after we bought our house, we adopted our puppy Stella. Stella was an extremely mischievous puppy who chewed anything she could find. One night, we were upstairs and Stella got a hold of one of my Ugg Boots and tore it up. The good thing about this was, they were very old and I usually only used them when I would need something really quick to slip on and run outside with. But she tore up the taller part, and there was a huge hole in them. But, before this became a trend on Tik Tok, I took scissors to them and cut the part that she chewed. I cut it on the seam and now I have a pair of Ugg Slippers. They don't look terrible and like I said, I only use them when I need to run outside. It is what it is. But, to cut them intentionally just to make slippers seems very silly to me. Uggs are expensive!


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