If you have kids that were anything like me, then they have already started the search for their Christmas gifts! I know its dumb because then we're not surprised on Christmas day, but as a kid you really don't care as long as you know what you got hahah!

My parents (i love you guys!!!) always hid the gifts in their closet, whether they were wrapped or not that's where they stayed! And if it was a bigger gift that couldn't go in the closet, they either hid it in the basement or behind my dads 67' Mustang!! See, I'm 22 and still remember that crap haha!

Well FemaleFirst came out with a survey on the BEST places to hide Christmas gifts, and if some of you out there are bad hiders... take some notes hahah!

Digital Vision/Thinkstock
Digital Vision/Thinkstock

1. At a friend's house! - This is the safest option for snooping kids.. and husbands! hahah I know my boyfriend likes to take a little looksie to see if he can find his gifts, and you don't want to leave things in the car, so just take them to a friends house!

2. In suitcases - Just make sure you're not planning a trip anytime soon ahaha! It's the perfect camouflage and you know your kids/partner won't look there because they only do when going on vacation !

3. The back of the top shelf of your closet - Only thing you have to watch out for is your partner putting away your clothes for you, because we know the kids wont!

4. The back of the top shelf of your kitchen cupboard - Rob (my boyfriend) & I are both on the shorter side so I think this could actually work! But if you're short and your partner is tall, this may not work!

Hopefully you're one of the VERY lucky ones who doesn't have kids snooping around the house and\or your partner looking in every corner of the house to find their gifts! But if you're kike the majority of us hahah I hope this decoy code helps!

& to give you guys a little chuckle... Jim Gaffigan bitching about holiday traditions hahah

[ VIA: FemaleFirst ]

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