A recent study ranked all New York counties by the average life expectancy of its residents, and Broome County could have done a little better.

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The study, done by Stacker using data from the 2022 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, determined that Broome County tied for 19th out of all New York counties in having the shortest average life expectancy.

According to the study, Broome County has an average life expectancy of 78.1 years, which is 2.2 years lower than the statewide average of 80.3 years life expectancy. Additionally, the study ranked Broome County 49th in Health Outcomes, 47th in Length of life, and 50th in quality of life. Broome County tied for 19th with Delaware County and Cortland County.

Chemung County finished with the lowest average life expectancy at 76.4 years and Suffolk County and Ontario County finished with the best average life expectancy at 80.1 years.

That's certainly not the news my fellow Broome County residents want to hear. Broome County is a fine place to live with great food and great hiking trails our life expectancy should be much higher. How could anybody be expected to take advantage of everything Broome County has to offer without the benefit of those extra couple of years?

Now that I think about it, getting outside to exercise isn't the easiest thing to do during this portion of the year. Hiking trails aren't nearly as fun when it's 10 degrees out. But we can definitely do better than having the 19th lowest average life expectancy in the entire state of New York.

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