Science has proven that listening to Kiss 104.1 will improve your work life. No, we’re not kidding.

You’ve always said that when you listen to music at work your mood changes for the positive and now you’ve got science to back up what you’ve been saying all along. Teresa Lesiuk is a professor at the University of Miami and she did some really intense research on listening to music at work. What she found is that people who listen to music while they work have better ideas and they get their work done faster than people who work in silence.

In other words, your music listening self is doing more good for your company than your co-worker who listens to crickets all day. The thing is, the new Kiss 104.1 gets the importance of music (we are a radio station after all) and what a difference listening to music makes when it comes to your workday. That’s why we give you 104 minutes of commercial-free music every weekday morning after the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. But, we want to give you even more.

Let us know where you’re getting your Kiss on and if we show up where you work and you’ve got Kiss 104.1 playing, we’re going to hook you up with some treats. Think of it as our little way of saying thanks for making the new Kiss 104.1 part of your day!

[via Futurism]

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