This past weekend I was having fun at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open in Endicott, when I realized that it might be time to stop drinking.

I saw a buddy of mine talking to a mutual friend who had a piece of pizza in her hand. Her back was to me. So, I walked up behind her and took the pizza and ate it. When she turned around I realized it wasn't who I thought it was.

I blame that on the alcohol. After I got over being embarrassed, I thought that I might be too old to drink anymore.

A new survey was done to find out when we are too old to do certain things.

The average person thinks you officially "grow up" at age 38.  And here are the ages when people say you're TOO OLD to do certain things . . .

1.  You're too old to get a tattoo or a belly button piercing at 38.

2.  You're also too old to get drunk in public when you're 38.

3.  You're too old to watch reality TV when you're 41 . . . but come on.

4.  You're too old to wear a football jersey at 42.  Although, again, really?

5.  You're too old to go clubbing at 44.

6.  Go to a music festival at 45.

7.  Wear a bikini at 46.

8.  Wear skinny jeans at 47.

9.  Have a Facebook profile at 49.

10.  And stay out past midnight when you're 52. (Daily Mail)

I don't agree with all of these. But, what do you think?