Getting a flu shot is very helpful to your immune system; yes you still may get the flu but your body is prepared to fight it off! Most of us get flu shots towards the end of summer, before school goes back ... that's if you even get one!! But did you know different times (of the year and day) are better to get flu shots than other times!

While the science isn't fully supported, it seems that getting a flu shot NOW might be better than getting one  in July or August!! Some experts even believe the time of day that you get a flu shot matters as well!

Doctor with Flu Shot sign (Click for more)

Researchers in England looked at about 275 people who were getting their flu shot either in the morning, or the afternoon! They compared the time of day the shot was administered and the average that someone out of that group actually got the flu! What they determined was that the shots worked a lot better for the ones who got them in the morning.

To put it in serious science terms... "they tested each person's blood for the type of antibodies you get from having a flu shot (the more you have, the less likely you are to get sick.) And the ones who got their shots in the morning had WAY more antibodies a month later." - Huffington Post

So it's not clear why the antibodies change with the time of day you receive the flu shot, but they think it might have something to do with how your white blood cells circulate through your body during the day. I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't get a flu shot in the morning really don't stress about, just make sure you get one!!! Getting a flu shot ANY time of day is still better than no shot at all...