New  York's veggie lovers have spoken.

I'm very pro vegetable and very anti fruit. I could never get into fruit, and I'm in my mid-20s still saying this. So I probably never will get into fruit. But vegetables? Sign me up. I'm currently on a brussel sprout binge. I can't stop eating them, they're so good! But I'm not the only person in New York who loves vegetables. New Yorkers actually have a favorite vegetable.

According to The Daily Meal, New York's favorite vegetable is broccoli. YAWN. I honestly expected this. Everyone likes broccoli. You can drown it in cheese and still count it as a daily vegetable. But it's surprising that broccoli is our favorite vegetable when New York is known for growing cabbage. In 2017, nearly 3.5 million cwt (hundredweight) of cabbage was harvested in New York State.

What's your favorite vegetable? Comment below or on our Facebook page to let us know.

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