I'm irrationally obsessive-compulsive about having a clean kitchen and washing my hands before, during, and after cooking or touching anything that is going to go into the mouth of someone else so it makes sense that my wise guy husband would try to jar me by sending by a video of what might just be the most horrifying thing I've ever laid eyes on.

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No warning was given that what I was about to click on would give me nightmares. I should have known. I fell for my husband's false claim to innocence. I know better so why did I? The second I clicked on the video, I regretted it.

In the video, a woman is shown using her mouth to bite into an onion, rip off a chunk with her teeth, chew it, and then spit it out to add to other ingredients including carrots and celery, all of which the woman planned to use it in a Christmas meal. A meal that would be served to others. I can't even describe the video. I don't have the words or the stomach, so I'll let the video describe it for me.

So what's the deal? For some really odd reason, the mouth cooking video started making its rounds around Thanksgiving last year, but the first video was actually released in 2018. Iska Lupton, known by the world as "Riva Godfree" is the woman in the video. We can all let out the breath we've been holding in because mouth cooking is definitely not a real thing. At least not in the culinary world or in the minds of any sane person.

The video was filmed by Berlin-based director and photographer Nathan Ceddia. Ceddia told The Atlantic that he came up with the idea when he was in the kitchen with a friend and couldn't find a knife. The next thing he knew, he was creating a video showing someone using their mouth to "cut" food.

And there you have it. Mouth cooking is not some wildly new concept or even a real thing. Mouth cooking is an old viral video that has, for some reason, been making its rounds again. Why? 2020. And, 2021, that's why.

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