So you and your new partner have decided to spend the holidays with your family this year, but what happens if your parents don't end up loving your partner like you do? Cosmopolitan explains that there are some ways to make this sticky situation a little bit better.

  • Hear your parents out as they may have a perfectly legitimate reason for not liking your new partner. You may be head over heels, but your parents (and siblings) could be seeing things that you might be blind about as you're probably still in the honeymoon phase.
  • If the fixes are small, let your partner know because if your mother is a clean-freak and your partner merely forgot to put the hand towel back after using it, then that can be something relatively small that your partner can be more aware of.
  • Avoid certain topics if your parents or your partner can get into heated debates about politics or if religion is a touchy subject that should best be avoided. You know how your parents and your partner feel about certain topics, so if they have different feelings on some of these topics, please make sure that you steer the conversation away from those topics.

Meeting the parents can be nerve-wracking and tensions can be especially high around the holidays, so if this meeting does not go as great as you were hoping, maybe try to make a point to have your parents and your new partner meet again in a month or so once the holidays are over.

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