If you know me, you know many of my likes and even a few of my dislikes. Likes include camping, DJ'ing (if that's a word) and watching movies. Dislikes include anything to do with winter, including snow, ice, and cold.

There is another like that I have never really talked (or written) about - Architecture.
As long as I can remember, I have loved to draw, or maybe I should more specifically describe it as scribbling. I actually paid more attention in school to what the teacher was saying while I scribbled on my notebook. Does that make sense?

In my mid-teens, I became interested in architecture. I made up crude plans of all sorts of buildings. In high school, I took architecture classes and planned to continue in college until I discovered the campus radio station. That was the end of that.

Now to get the point of this all, the good folks at USA TODAY have written an article titled '25 Must-See Buildings in New York State', and one of them is right here in Binghamton! That building is the Phelps Mansion.

The USA TODAY article outlines a bit of history about the Phelps Mansion, and if you've ever seen or been in the building, you know how magnificent it really is. It certainly is deserved of this honor. If you've never checked out the Phelps Mansion, take some time to do so. I recommend it!


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