We have been battling COVID in our household for over a week and one of the long-term symptoms is losing taste and smell. My senses were slowly coming back yesterday but Jenn had lost both and had no sign of anything coming back. We decided to try this Burnt Orange Trick that we saw online to see if it would work for Jenn. We were super skeptical. The viral video claims that if you burn the outside of an orange on the stove, like char it, and then cut it open, take out the insides from the skin, mash it in a bowl with two tablespoons of brown sugar and then eat the entire thing, it's supposed to get your sense of smell and taste back.

Most of the reviews online said that it was a hoax and doesn't really work. The woman in the video waited an hour after eating the orange concoction and then ate a spoonful of dijon mustard to see if she could taste it. We followed the same lead.

Here's how our experiment went and the results were quite awesome for Jenn.

We were so excited that the dijon mustard worked that Jenn tried a candy cane and she could taste that too. She could also smell and taste barbecue sauce. Then she went around the kitchen smelling our spices, teas, and even the Clorox wipes! I am not saying that this will work for you, but boy were we surprised that it worked on Jenn.

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