Binghamton police are looking for people who've been stealing scrap metal in a series of residential break-ins.

Authorities say five burglaries have been reported at vacant homes in the southwest corner of the city over the last few days.

Detectives say the incidents have occurred at various times of day. Houses targeted have been on Vestal Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Mill Street and Sherwood Avenue.

Investigators say the properties all have had "FOR SALE"-type signs posted in the yard.

The culprits have entered the homes through windows or rear doors. Once inside, they rip out copper plumbing pipes or wiring.

Police say homes wind up with infrastructure damage, along with problems with appliance problems and trouble with heating and cooling systems as a result of uncontrolled water flow.

Detectives are urging city residents to report suspicious activity, persons and vehicles immediately. People are being asked to be keep an eye on unoccupied houses or properties posted for sale.

Those with information about the thefts may contact investigators at 607.772.7080.

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