I have never been a reality TV watcher but for some reason, I am hooked on the Bachelor. I think I watch it because it makes me feel better about my situation. I know the Bachelor franchise on ABC is a guilty pleasure. Part of me likes watching these women open up and try and get to know a stranger and vie for his love. Don't get me wrong, I think it's also pretty ridiculous that there are thirty plus women who are trying to, in the end, get married to someone they meet and get to know for just two months.

But while I was watching the show this season, I realized that my love life is pretty great. The show puts the women through tasks that parallel some of the highs and lows we've all had when we have been in relationships. There is usually some sort of competition too, just not at this high level.

What I mean is that, from watching this show, it makes me appreciate and respect the relationship I have. I understand that most of this reality show is scripted and filled with drama for effect. But after each episode, I get a better understanding of how lucky I am to be in a loving, secure relationship. So now I just watch it as a guilty pleasure.

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