OK, this rubs me the wrong way.

When the new video came out for Taylor Swift’s 'Delicate', I thought it was adorable. In the highly produced version released several weeks ago, she seems to turn invisible and begins dancing unselfconsciously with moves that appear both choreographed but also quirky and from the heart.

The moves themselves felt very pop-meets-ballet. She was immediately attacked by Vulture (and others) who said she may have intentionally ‘cripple[d] one of her best new songs with some of the corniest physical motions ever committed to film.’

I think this is a terrible read of the video--a video in which she was clearly trying to say something about being comfortable in her own skin and that one should quite literally dance like no one’s watching. I found the video to be sweet, and I’m sure that many, many of her fans did as well.

Now Swift has released a new ‘vertical version’ of the video--exclusively through Spotify. In it, she hangs out in the woods and lip syncs directly to the ‘camera’--which may be an actual cell phone. The new video is all the things for which Taylor Swift is sometimes attacked--lacking in personality and devoid of meaning. (Note: You can find the Spotify version on YouTube, but I won't link to it, because the copies will likely be taken down soon for legal reasons.)

I don’t blame Taylor, of course, which would be hypocritical. And I find Swift's music neither lacking in personality nor devoid of meaning. But I do blame an attack-dog pop media which seems to get angry at stars for displaying personality outside of an incredibly narrow range.

Maybe Taylor just wanted to do another video. Maybe Spotify asked her to. I honestly don’t know.

Or maybe the cruel reviews got to her. I say let Taylor be Taylor.

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