Did you know that there's an easy project management tool for those who are struggling to find consistent, reliable workers as well as anyone who needs supplemental income?

Designed and built locally right here in Binghamton, USEFUZE is a free app that supports anyone looking to work and hire. Whether you're a business owner, gig-worker, freelancer, skilled professional, or burgeoning entrepreneur, USEFUZE can help you achieve your goals.

USEFUZE's all inclusive online marketplace allows people to connect and fulfill both sides of employment by providing employers with a vast pool of candidates to choose from and employees with jobs that reward them with additional earnings for every hour worked.

The app's interface also allows you to manage your contacts and share, like, and comment with people hiring for jobs anywhere you are. Also, with transparent accountability, USEFUZE's ratings and feedback option allows every user to be rated on a 5-star system.

Ready to work when you want, for the amount you desire, where you want, and earn rewards for being the best worker you can be? The opportunities on USEFUZE are endless, so download the app for free today on iOS or Android by visiting www.usefuze.com.

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