According to Fox 5 New York, Uber is really cracking down on riders that have bad ratings and I think a lot of people, especially Uber drivers are happy about it! Now the Uber is saying that as of yesterday, if a passenger repeatedly misbehaves in an Uber, and receives a low rating, they could be banned from using the rider sharing service. They will get a few warnings before being banned from taking rides with Uber and even get a chance to get their ratings back up, because everyone has a bad day, right? But if it's happening over and over, riders will get the boot!

Feeling safe is something everyone wants to feel and goes for drivers and riders, there's no denying that. Being that a young woman who lived right in our area was murdered because she got into the wrong Uber, it was time for the ride share service to take action and make riders feel safe again. Samantha Josephson was the woman from Robbinsville who got into the wrong Uber and lost her life and since that incident, Uber has taken action to make riders and drivers feel safe while using the service. Samantha's parents proposed the "What's My Name" movement to ensure riders get into the correct car to ensure their safety. Her parents covered riders, now Uber is covering it's drivers.

Uber passengers and drivers should feel safe at all times. Kudos to Uber taking action against people who abuse the ride share service.

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