If you are suddenly in the situation of homeschooling you are NOT alone.  Here are some tips, hope they help.

Sean Locke
Sean Locke

Bethany Mandel a writer for the New York Post suggests,

How can you survive unexpectedly becoming a stay-at-home-parent, especially if you’re also simultaneously working from home? Lower your expectations, and lower the expectations of your kids while you’re at it.

Goodhousekeeping.com had these thoughts,

1)  First, remember that you don't need to recreate your child's school schedule to be successful at home.


2) If your kids are in elementary school, allow ample time for play!

If your children are older, help them to continue to nurture relationships,

3) Kids in middle school are dealing with a lot: greater academic expectations, physical and emotional changes, and the increasing influence of peers and social circles.

If you kids are even older be sure to focus their mental health,

4) Because teenagers are old enough to understand the gravity of the current situation, they’re likely feeling significant anxiety and distress, just as many adults are. Create space for those emotions.

For a list of free audiobooks, and specific teaching tools here's their link.




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