As soon as you turn twenty-one, bars are where you meet your friends after work, where you arrange to go on dates, where you just want to have fun and let loose and then regret it the next morning when you look at your bank statement (we've all been there). Once you hit thirty though, there are some things that are no longer seen as acceptable and "cool" if you do it in a bar that at twenty-one you got away with.

  • Making out at the bar, in your twenties it was cute, but at thirty it looks a little desperate (I'm sorry!).
  • Steal glassware, which I don't remember stealing being a "cool" thing to do ever, but maybe I just hung out with a different, more honest, crowd.
  • Pee on or in anything that isn't a toilet, in your twenties you're still figuring out your intake limit, but by thirty this should all be figured out.
  • Complain about what is playing on the jukebox, you have a few dollars to spare now, so change the music if you don't like it.
  • Be shirtless, or shoeless, or pantsless... it's more troubling now than it used to be, and chances are you won't get served.
  • Vomit, while it's not attractive to ever publicly vomit, after thirty it's just sad.
  • Stiff the bartender because if you can afford to drink, you have to be able to afford to tip the person who poured your drink. Don't be a jerk.

In general, everyone, regardless of age, should know how to behave while out in public, drinking or otherwise, but some behavior is less acceptable the older you get. I'm sorry!

(via Thrillist)

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