I love electronic gadgets. Whenever I visit a business that sells any type of electronics, it's like being a kid in a candy store. I want to buy the newest, coolest thing.

Unfortunately, the newest and coolest thing of the day is usually too expensive for my wallet, so I have to wait a while until the price comes down, and that is probably a good thing.

For example, I remember when the first compact disc player became available back in the early 1980's. It was very basic. It took one disc, and had play, stop, next and previous track buttons. That was it. The price tag was 1000 dollars.

As time went on, you could buy multi-disc players with more buttons that you really had no use for. And the price was so much lower. I think the last time I bought a compact disc player, I paid under 50 dollars. Does anyone even make them anymore? And if you still have one, do you use it anymore? I don't.

I remember when we switched from record players and albums to playing music from compact disc on The Whale. We called ourselves "Your Lazer Leader." It sounded cool back then, but a bit funny now. I believe we were the first commercial radio station in the Southern Tier to start playing music on compact disc. It was a lot easier than playing a record.

I figured compact discs would be the medium for music for  decades to come, but then the computer came along. Oops. I don't think compact discs will completely fade away, at least for a while (like the 8-track did), but at some point it will be just a faint memory. Technology sure does change quickly, and will continue to do so in our lifetime.

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