When people think of the summer of 2019, what will they remember?  Old Town Road?  The Lion King reboot?  Nope.  When people look back at the summer of 2019, they will remember "Chicken Wars."

When Popeyes introduced their chicken sandwich, people went berzerk.  The internet exploded with debates of which was better...Popeyes' chicken sandwich or the Chick-fil-A Sandwich?  It was pandemonium.

And then, all of a sudden, the Popeyes' chicken sandwich was gone.  People lost their minds.

But now, rumor has it the Popeyes is brining the chicken sandwich back.  Could it really be happening?  The Twitterverse thinks so.


So is this just an internet rumor or is the sandwich really set to make a return appearance? 
Foodbeast.com says that Popeyes has been running ads online teasing that people who have their mobile app will be the first to find out when the sandwich is back.  That means, it's definitely going to happen, so get in line now.

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