Who doesn't love a good ghost story this time of year? Especially stories that are based in lore and legend. A story is one thing, but to actually tour where these ghosts roam the halls is a whole different ballgame.

The free annual "haunting" tours return September 25th to the New York State Capitol building. Learn about the ghost's that roam the halls and other weird and scary things....you know, other than out local politicians.

 "Does the night watchman who died in the Capitol Fire of 1911 still make his rounds?"  www.ny.gov

There are stories of apparitions, dead presidents and even a secret demon carving. The tour lasts about an hour and runs through November 1st. The tours are free, but you need to register for them at https://empirestateplaza.ny.gov/tours/capitol-hauntings-tours because they fill up quickly.

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