Other than shrimp, I’m not a seafood eater. Oh, trust me, my mom tried to get me to eat seafood. And by tried, I mean there were many nights that I was the last one sitting at the dinner table, long after the sun had gone down, sitting like a sad little human, looking at my fish sticks or tuna sandwich and trying to mentally will it into anything but what it was. I wasn’t allowed to get up until I finished my food, and there were many seafood nights that my mom caved and let me go to bed because she couldn’t stay up any longer. All the threats in the world never scared me enough to eat seafood. I was that kid- the seafood martyr.

I was convinced that when I became an adult I’d never put myself in a situation where I ever had to even smell seafood again. Silly girl. As an adult, I’ve learned there is no escaping it. Walk into the grocery store and BAM, there it is. Go to a restaurant and BAM, there is it.

And then there’s the workplace. There’s literally no smell I detest more than that of microwaved seafood. And yet, everywhere I’ve worked, someone has at one point or another, heated up seafood in the work kitchen and turned the whole office into a smelly seafood department.

I thought my hatred of the smell of seafood was just a me problem, but it’s not. A new survey found that the worst and most annoying thing a person can do in the office is to eat seafood for lunch. But that’s not all. Apparently the smell of cheese and eggs is pretty repulsive (I swear I didn’t know this when I had it for breakfast every morning when I was pregnant!), and over half of people who responded to the survey say that co-workers who eat smelly food at work are “anti-social.”

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