With just a couple of ingredients you probably already have in your house, you and your kids will quickly be on your way to making a super cool homemade bubbling 'lava' lamp and the best part is that your kids won't even realize they're learning about science while they're playing!

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Welcome to another edition of The Little Scientist Learns. As the mama of a five-year-old with seemingly boundless energy, I'm always looking for ways to keep my boy occupied while also tossing nuggets of knowledge his way. As soon as my boy told me how cool he thinks science is, I knew we needed to do a series on experiments simple enough to do at home with kids of virtually any age.

If you missed last week's episode, the Little Scientist learned how to make slime! This week, we made a bubbling 'lava' lamp minus the plastic bottle because my son would want to play with and sleep with the bottle and that would have been an awful mess. We used a glass instead, but if your kids are less likely to want to carry a lava lamp bottle with them everywhere, go ahead and use a bottle!

How to Make a Bubbling ‘Lava’ Lamp

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