I probably shouldn't but I do. I use my debit card for absolutely everything because I feel safer not walking around with cash in my pocket but using my bank card might not be much safer than walking around with cash in hand.

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A few years ago I used my debit card at a Binghamton area CVS where someone had attached a skimmer to and the next thing I knew, my bank account fell victim to hacking. I was hyper-aware for a couple of years following that whole debacle, but admit that I've gotten slobby as of recent.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't until I was standing at the pump at Mirabito yesterday, after having swiped my debit card, that I noticed stickers all over the pumps alerting users that if the word "void" appeared on them that we should notify an attendant immediately. Something about a breach in secure payment. I laid in bed last night thinking about what I'd read and about how I really need to use more caution when using my debit card.

If you're someone who uses their debit card without much thought either, these are the four places where there's a huge risk for your bank account being compromised after swiping your card.

The Four Most Dangerous Places To Use Your Bank Card

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