If you believe in the credo, "you eat what you catch," these boys better like tuna. Two teens headed out for a day fishing on the Atlantic that would turn into 7 hour battle with a massive Bluefin Tuna.

One look at 16-year-old, Martin Scanlan's Instagram page and you'll notice he's no stranger to ocean fishing and he's made some impressive catches. But nothing compares to the 700 lb tuna he and friend, Griffin Buckwalter, while fishingout of Portland, Maine in a 24’ skiff.
They guys hooked the giant tuna at around 10 in the morning and would battle it for 7 hours before securing the catch. "Securing it" being the key term, as it the tuna was to big to get on their boat. The fish towed the boat for more than 10 miles before tiring the boys and eventually itself out at around 5 p.m. the teens were able to secure the tuna with a tail rope. Still to big to bring on board and too heavy to tow with their boat, the boys were saved by a commercial vessel to bring the fish back to port.⁠⠀

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