Can't get enough of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' video? Well, she's revealing even more outtakes from the video shoot in the behind-the-scenes vid above!

"This modern dance segment is all about angst," Taylor explains about the part in the video where she and all of her dancers are wearing gray and doing -- you guessed it! -- modern dance. "…And it's just so fun to dance to a song like this that's all about gleeful happiness," she continued. "Oh God, it's so much fun."

As fun as it was, it was also pretty grueling for T. Swift, who not only had to do multiple takes of the modern dance segment -- but multiple takes for all of her dance segments as well.

"Keeping my energy level up -- it's important to keep me moving," she explained. "...If I'm moving, then that's great. But if they're like, 'Taylor, you have 30 minutes off,' I'm just like, 'I'm awake!'" she revealed, pretending to nod off.

As exhausted as she may have been, it's clear that for Taylor, the most important part of the shoot was just having fun -- especially considering that's what the entire song is about. Just watch her unabashedly work those dance moves and crack up at the video!

Watch the third 'Shake It Off' outtakes vid above.

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