Remember that big bull on top of the former Vestal Steakhouse restaurant on the Vestal Parkway in Vestal? Well as you know, the restaurant is long gone and the cow ended up at the Discovery Center on Morgan Road, next to the Ross Park Zoo.

I remember meeting out of town visitors at the restaurant back in the 80s and 90s. And when they asked where the restaurant was located, I'd give the Vestal Parkway mention and say to look for a large bull on top of the roof. The remarks were quite humorous when my guests would recount finding the restaurant via the bull.

The bull was named 'Blossom' once it made the Discovery Center it's final destination. Last month, I wrote an article stating that a makeover was in the works for Blossom after the Discovery Center received a grant from the Broome County Arts Council for a much needed facelift.

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The contest was open to the public to come up with a new colorful design, and many people took advantage of the offer with the hopes of having their design be chosen as the winner. It's a 1000 dollar paid opportunity for the winner and the Discovery Center will even pay for the paint.

Well, after weeks of community voting to get down to a select few, the Discovery Center panel has chosen the winner.  And that winner is Ann Marie Pellegrino. Congratulations Ann Marie!  Check out her winning design and visit the Discovery Center for updates on when the redesign will be finished.

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