March has been a stressful month for everyone, and with what’s happening now, everything will be stressful for April as well. Being blunt, this panic and isolation isn’t going to end anytime soon. It’s hard for everyone involved. Essential workers, those infected, people who can’t see their loved ones, and everyone else suffering through something different because of this panic.

With that said, to panic and stress about it is going to make matters worse, as would ignoring the situation. Times like these, meditation and relaxation are of the upmost importance. Too much stress not only can make you act in a way that aggravates other people’s stress, but it majorly weighs on both body and mind and can cause serious health problems.

Whatever you’re going through, find time to take a break. You don’t even have to do proper meditation, just find some way to get yourself to relax. Have a bath, listen to your favorite album, take a nap; whatever will help you cope with everything.

Whatever you do for the next month, make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

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