Strongman Bill Clark powered his way to a new Guinness World Record on Tuesday when he bent in half seven ten-inch railroad spikes in less than 60 seconds.

The spikes are 3/8 inch railroad spikes that were provided through Guinness World Records.  The previous record was four spikes bent.  The spikes had to be bent in at least a 90 degree angle.  Clark established his new record by bending them all in half.

The record-breaking event took place in the Old Student Union on campus at Binghamton University where Clark teaches in the Health and Wellness Department.  He is also a teacher at Chenango Valley High School. He has won numerous powerlifting championships and is a member of the York Barbell World Hall of Fame.

Clark says the bent spikes used were immediately sealed in a package and will be shipped to Guinness World Records for authenticity and verification.  Clark has also established Guinness World Records for Most License Plates Torn in One Minute....23.  That broke the old record of 20 set by a resident of Sweden. He also holds the Guinness World Record for completely tearing in half two full decks of cards within the one minute timeframe.

B.U. Lecturer Breaks Railroad Spike Bending World Record

Before his record-breaking feat Clark spoke to the crowd  about dealing with stress and anxiety.  He talked about managing stress properly and using it to your benefit.  Much of his message was centered on students in the audience and how positive thoughts and vision can carry you to great heights.

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