Stop filling out those surveys and questionnaires on social media.

You may think the little games on Facebook are entertaining, harmless, and help pass the time while quarantined, but scammers and hackers can actually use them against you, warns the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Many of the questions are the same website security questions used to reset passwords. Hackers use this personal information you're willing giving up to reset your passwords and log into your accounts. Once hackers are in, you never know the damage they can cause - stealing your identity, emptying your bank accounts or charging your credit cards.

And keep in mind, once you put something on the Internet, you can assume it’s out there forever.

So stop making it so easy for hackers to steal your information by freely giving up personal information for a simple game that seems harmless.

Photo Credit - Madison County Sheriff's Office
Photo Credit - Madison County Sheriff's Office

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