If you have somebody on your shopping list that is originally from the Binghamton area and now lives out of town, you can send them a Binghamton themed gift for the holidays. I scoured Amazon looking for Binghamton gift ideas and there were a bunch. So I decided to highlight some of them.

We'll start with the Southern Tier staple: Chicken spiedies. For people outside the Binghamton area that have no clue what a spiedie is, it's basically marinated meat that you grill. You can use chicken, pork, lamb, or even beef. Both Lupo's and Salamida have their sauces available on Amazon.

Or, you can surprise them with a “Binghamton, Home of the Spiedies” t-shirt. That way they will have a bunch of people in their current hometown asking, "what the hell's a spiedie"?

If the Binghamton native on your list likes to read, you can get them a book about one of the Binghamton's most famous natives. There are plenty of books and videos about Rod Serling on Amazon including this one.

There are also books about the history of Binghamton including this one by Ed Aswad featuring tons of old photos of Binghamton.

There are a lot of different apparel choices for Binghamton University on Amazon including this t-shirt.

Or if you want a cheesy kind of gift, may I suggest the “Someone in Binghamton Loves Me” t-shirt

I hope this helped you with your shopping dilemma. Happy holidays!

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