I knew from the very second my husband plunked it down in front of me that I was going to hate it and that despite his sweet attempt, it just wasn't going to be for me. I was right.

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I drink coffee and I drink water and that's pretty much as adventurous as I get when it comes to my liquid intake. Carbonated beverages have always made my throat burn so the only time I reach for a soda is when it's either flat or I've got a migraine.

I know, it sounds crazy considering coffee and soda both have caffeine, but when I get blindsided by a migraine, the only thing that helps (other than being in a dark, quiet, and cold room) is drinking a can of soda, usually Coke because I find Pepsi to be too sweet.

Bless his precious heart, my husband tried to help me nurse a migraine one day by handing me a can of Coca-Cola Energy. Although the one he bought for me was the cherry-flavored one (I'm a sucker for cherry), I just couldn't swallow it. It tasted like the nasty flavored medicine our pediatricians used to try to get us to take as kids. "Here, you'll love this (insert flavor: bubblegum/grape/strawberry) flavor." LIES!

I knew after one sip that Coca-Cola Energy wouldn't last long on the market and I was right. Coca-Cola Energy debuted in January of 2020 and just over a year later, the company has admitted that maybe it made a mistake in thinking people would fall all over it.

If you're one of the few who likes Coca-Cola Energy, you might want to stock up because pretty soon you won't be able to find it on store shelves in North America, only in other countries.

Coke told Reuters, that instead of focusing on energy drinks, it will focus on its better sellers including its traditional sodas and sparkling waters. Speaking of soda, can we make the Orange Vanilla Coke a regular thing? I mean, you know it's good when a non-soda drinker craves it...

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