Right across Court street from the Whale Studios sits what used to be Woolworths in downtown Binghamton. It was a Family General up until a few years ago. Now it holds three different businesses and it looks like a fourth one is coming soon.

The building currently holds Muckles Screen Printing and Embroidering, Dos Rios Mexican Cantina, and the Dapper Rascal Studio barber shop. Earlier this week I noticed the windows on the vacant storefront of the building had stickers of video games blacking out the windows with a sign that said “something cool coming soon”.

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I asked my co-worker Jay who knows the owner of a few of those businesses personally, if he knew what it was going to be? He said he thought it was going to be an arcade that serves alcohol.

Arcade Bars are becoming more and more popular across the country. That is awesome news for someone like me that grew up playing video games. I remember when Pac-Man debuted,  I would spend most of my allowance playing that game. Other awesome games chewed up the rest of my allowance including Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Pole Position to name a few.

There is no word on when the business will open or whether or not they will serve alcohol, but if they do, I hope it's open during lunch time because I will definitely be spending a few lunch hours over there every week.

Jim Free Photo
Jim Free Photo

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