This truly is a WEIRD survey... but does the smell of your house actually increase its selling price?!! Apparently so.... by about $80,000!

Selling a house is difficult enough; rearranging everything, dealing with nosey people, constantly battling the selling price, etc. So I bet if I told you that certain smells/aromas actually help sell your house and increase the asking price, you'd probably be pretty pissed, huh?! Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Belanger via ThinkStock
Joe Belanger via ThinkStock

A new survey took 44 potential buyers, split them into two groups and each pair inspected the same house which had been infused with either freshly-baked brownies, hot bread, freshly brewed coffee, citrus or smelly socks. After smelling/looking at the home, the groups were then asked to estimate the homes overall value (ie. price) and the results were actually shocking!

The citrus smell resulted in a valuation of $850,250 compared to the smell of roast chicken which resulted in a $749,500 value of the same house! Unsurprisingly, the smelly sock scent resulted in the lowest valuation for the house at $743,750.

Here's the average scent each property estimates:

Citrus $850,250
Brownies $821, 250
Baked Bread $808,750
Roast chicken $749,500
Smelly socks $743,750

This isn't the first time I've heard about certain smells helping sell a home, but it's crazy to think these smells can change someone's mind by $80,000!! So if you're selling soon (or looking to buy) keep these in mind!

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