New Year's Eve can either be an amazing night or a one filled with anxiety, especially if you're single. Let's face it- there are so many expectations for the night, and let's be even more honest- those expectations almost always fall short.

I remember when before I got married and how much I hated New Year's Eve. I should have just boycotted it instead of going out because the night never turned out the way I imaged it would. Ever.  If you think women are the only ones longing for the magic of a midnight kiss, you'd be wrong. Guys wish for it too. You know the kind of kiss I'm talking about- the kind that makes you tingle from your head to your toes.

If you're going out for New Year's Eve, you need to be prepared for what you might get in place of that magical midnight kiss. According to Your Tango, these are the six types of kisses you might end up with.

  • 1

    The Drunk Kiss

    If someone comes at you and you can literally smell the alcohol seeping out of their pores and you still lean in for a kiss, you're probably just as drunk as they are. Oh, and your friends are probably going to be there, phones in hand, snapping photos of your drunk kiss. Be prepared to be embarrassed the next day when your friends start texting you the photos.

  • 2

    The Wallflower Kiss

    This kind of kiss comes when you've got a little bit of a buzz and you're in your happy place. This is when you notice a quiet guy standing in the corner by himself.  In the movies, the quiet guy falls in love with the girl who takes charge and goes in for the kiss. That's a possibility, but there's also a really good chance you could freak him out and he might shut down and not kiss you back.

  • 3

    The Pity Kiss

    Ugh, these are the worse ever. This is the kiss you get from a friend who spots you standing alone, just as midnight approaches, and gives you a kiss out of pity and so that you don't look pathetic.

  • 4

    The 'Get a Room' Kiss

    This is similar to the magical midnight kiss. It's the kind that makes your whole body feel weak and suddenly you find that you're very hot. If this sweet kiss starts to turn into a makeout session, save the people around you and excuse yourself.

  • 5

    The Gross Kiss

    You've been eyeing him up all night and he finds his way to you just in time for the midnight kiss and then it happens. You smell his breath and it makes you want to vomit. But, you figure he must have eaten the wrong thing and figure you'll kiss him back anyway. And then you realize it's not just his breath that's awful, it's everything. From his fish lips to his slobber. Everything is just gross.

  • 6

    The Pet Kiss

    This is the kiss you give to your pet because you don't have anyone to kiss at midnight. But you know what? It's totally okay!

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