Are you single and ready to date?! Well I know this maybe the last thing on your mind, however you maybe in the wrong city to mingle!!

It can't be a surprise to you that some cities would be better to meet singles/date than other cities. This is based off of population, jobs available, night life, how many singles live there, activity prices children, etc. But if you're serious about dating then you may want to consider where you live..

WalletHub just released a survey of the best and worst cities for people to date in 2016:

gpointstudio via ThinkStock
gpointstudio via ThinkStock

Worst Cities for Dating:

  1. Brownsville, Texas
  2. Hialeah, Florida
  3. Yonkers, New York
  4. Port St. Lucie, Florida
  5. Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Basically where everyone is over the age of 70 hahah! & now the Best Cities for Dating:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Orlando, Florida
  3. Seattle, Washington
  4. San Diego
  5. Boston, MA

Now I wasn't going to include the next part of the survey until I saw where #2 was... If you want to play the numbers game, the cities with the most single people per capita are Detroit, followed by Rochester, New York ... I'M FROM ROCHESTER!!!!!

Now if you are single and don't live in any of these places, it's not the end of the world I swear!!! Just look a little harder hahahah

[VIA: WalletHub ]