New York State Senator Fred Akshar is now asking residents what they think about leisurely tokin’.

Kathy Whyte Akshar screen capture
Kathy Whyte Akshar screen capture

The Binghamton Republican’s latest online survey concerns proposals to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Senator says key provisions of the proposal include establishing separate licensing programs for marijuana growers, distributors and retailers with a ban on growers opening retail shops, imposing a 20 percent state tax and 2 percent local tax on the sale of marijuana from wholesalers to retailers plus a per-gram tax on growers, allowing counties and large cities to ban weed sales within their boundaries and banning pot sales to anyone under the age of 21.

Akshar has long maintained his personal opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana but he insists he wants to know what residents in the 52nd district think

The survey can be found at

The full text of the budget proposal can be found starting on page 200 at

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