clipping coupons

One thing every married guy can tell you is that even though the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon has an expiration date on it, you can still use it.

According to Business Insider, you probably have a pile of 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons sitting on your entryway table, and you're likely also aware that, despite having an expiration date printed on them, they actually never really expire and you can usually use more than one on the same shopping trip.

But those coupons may be going away for good. It seems the home goods chain believes people would rather pay $29 per year in order to get a 20% discount on all their purchases - and free shipping if they order online. BB & B launched the subscription program, called Beyond Plus and currently available by invitation only, last week. Ultimately, it hopes to move away from paper coupons, which has been squeezing the retailer's margins for the past 15 quarters.

The retailer hopes Beyond Plus will improve those margins while increasing customer loyalty, but some analysts say it will be difficult to wean customers off the coupons they've come to expect. [via: Business Insider]

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