Little information is being made available following reports that an employee at a Tioga County electronics products plant had been injured on the job.

According to a report on WBNG-TV, a Sanmina Corporation employee in Owego had suffered first-degree chemical burns after being exposed to nitric acid.

Nitric acid is a component commonly found in fertilizers but is also applied in industry as an oxidizing agent, in dyes and in explosives and demolition.

The man was apparently transported to Wilson Hospital for treatment but Emergency Services officials in Tioga County March 28 could offer no additional information.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been informed about the incident.

Sanmina announced last year that the Owego plant will be closing.  Workers were supposed to be out of their jobs by mid March, but a reprieve came late last year for some employees who were told they were staying on for a while.  There’s no solid word now on just when the facility in Tioga County will be closed.


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