Earlier this month the Binghamton Rumble Ponies hosted their Bing, Bang, Boom Night in honor of Independence Day. It featured a movie and fireworks over the stadium once the movie was over.

Today (July 15th.) , the Rumble Ponies announced that they are going to hold another movie and fireworks night. This time around the name isn't as catchy, but it's still something to do, that the little kids will enjoy.

The Rumble Ponies are hosting “A Night Out At Rumble Town”. See, it's not as catchy at Bing, Bang, Boom, but I digress. The event will take place on Friday July 31st. This time around people attending the event will get to see Disney's The Lion King on the giant video scoreboard. The movie is scheduled to begin at 7:30 followed by a fireworks display immediately afterward.

Just like last time, to adhere to social distancing guidelines, seats will be staggered in groups for families throughout the stadium, and guests will be able to sit on the field too in plots that are mapped out to keep plenty of room in between groups.

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And just like the last movie and fireworks show the Rumble Ponies hosted,
you will be able to bring in your own food and beverages, but not alcoholic beverages. Concessions will be open, but there will be a limited selection of items to choose from.

Tickets are limited and are available now through the Binghamton Rumble Ponies website, or by calling their office at 607-772-FUNN (3866)

The Rumble Ponies say if you attend the event that you are more than welcome to bring in blankets and pillows, but chairs and wagons will not be allowed inside NYSEG Stadium.

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