I’m not a big royal watcher but I may turn out to be a big fan of the adorable new royal emojis being worked on by DRKHORS. TMZ was quick to pick up on a trademark filed for KateMojis and Meghan Mojis--these of course named for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Though not connected to royal emojis, Binghamton does have a big connection to the thriving emoji market. Makers of the extremely popular Moji Maker app are based in town. According to their own reporting, they were the #1 top paid app for 7 straight weeks. They’ve also made emojis around April the Giraffe, Michael Phelps, the Chainsmokers and more.

But back to royal emojis. The samples posted online look super fun--with captions like “American Princess” or “Does my bum look good in this?” They’ve even taking suggestions for what Kate and Meghan should be doing in their emojis.

I will be one of many downloaders.

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