A restaurant in Arkansas has gone viral after a menu item struck a chord with guys everywhere.

Guys, you've probably had this happen to you...you go to a restaurant and order only to have your girlfriend say she's not hungry...then she eats all your fries.

Why didn't she just order her own fries??  I mean, you would have been happy to buy them for her.  And it's not that you don't like to share.  It's just that if she says she's not hungry and you only order a medium, then she eats half of them, you essentially only get a small.

A restaurant in Arkansas has figured it out though.  They're called Mama D's Diner in North Little Rock and they have a dish on their menu called "My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry."  It's only $4.25 and it will give you extra fries to add to your order, plus two wings or three mozzarella sticks.

It's a win/win!  If she really isn't hungry, then you get extra fries.  If she is, then you get the exact amount of food you wanted to order in the first place!

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