You heard the news about the license plate changes, right? No matter how you feel about them, I know a good number of people who aren't going to be happy about having to spend more money to keep these beauties.

I love vanity plates on cars. I'm not the type of person to spend extra money so my car says something cute but that's just me, and I'm so happy other people do it. With the news of the license plate change last week and people in an uproar over having to spend money on something the government is making us get, Albany Reddit shared some of the best vanity plates around.

This new plate news may have you heated but these actual vanity plates will calm your temper with laughs (or confusion, at the very least).

  • PROPOSE- The ONLY reason this plate makes any sense is because also on the back of the car is the website for Glennpeter Jewelers. This one is honestly just really clever marketing.
  • THICC - This is one of those where I would love to be behind the desk of the DMV when this person either originally asked for it, or has to do something with their car and say the plate number outloud. With a license like this, you better deliver (aka. not my car).
  • DUMCUOMO - Listen, you have your opinion on our Governor and I respect whatever that is, but, you realize you just spent money (to the state government) on a license plate he's never going to see. Think about that one...
  • FRESH - The millennial in me has so many Fresh Prince of Bel-Air jokes but I think the OP said it best, "They're losing so many points from not having fuzzy dice in the mirror."
  • TINDRCAR2 - My issue here isn't even that their license plate is "TindrCar," it's the fact that there's a "TindrCar1" and they had to reevaluate.

There are a ton of license plates that no matter how hard you try, the state isn't going to let you have (full list here). In summary, think of any swear word, anything racial, a lot of religious terms, and their variations and you can't have it. Weird Cuomo didn't put his name on this list, I would've! Do you have/know any other fun license plates?

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