Look up! Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Is that Psy riding on a Asiana flight? Uh, yeah, probably...

The 'Gangnam Style,' viral sensation has been named an ambassador for Asiana Airlines, which is South Korea's second largest carrier, behind Korean Air. Ryu Kwang-hee, a rep for Asiana, said, "Asiana Airlines hopes to contribute to spreading K-Pop around the world and its growth and development through this partnership."

And indeed they will! In exchange for his ambassadorship, Psy will receive free first class airline tickets for a whole entire year to grow K-Pop's influence internationally. And if anyone's going to do it, Psy is the right man for the job!

YG Entertainment, who represents Psy, are making a power move to make K-Pop a household name as the contract they have entered with Asiana Airlines also stipulates that other K-Pop acts they represent, like 2NE1 and Big Bang, can also fly for free to their overseas events. But if you think this partnership seems one-sided, think again. YG Entertainment will have a booth at all their concerts dedicated to Asiana Airlines with their logo prominently displayed.

Psy is really racking up the endorsements recently, as he has also signed on to be the face of Somang Cosmetic's lotion line for men called Energy Factory. This viral star isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

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