Princess Peach may have a bad track record when it comes to getting captured, but on the dance floor, this pixelated princess don't need no man to save her.

The Nintendo icon and her pal Princess Daisy are the subjects of Twitter's latest meme obsession: Dancing Princess Peach and Princess Daisy.

Using footage of the two royals grooving in one of the Super Mario games, a Twitter user set Peach and Daisy dancing fiercely and fabulously to all sorts of songs (and genres!). And like a well-choreographed girl group, Peach and Daisy got moves for everything—even electronic alt-pop wizard Grimes, who's already a fan.

But Grimes isn't the only artist on these princess's playlist. Craving some Charli XCX?

Peach and Daisy stan K-pop girl group LOONA. ("Their minds!")

And they're even skinny legends who get down to Mariah Carey.

They also dance to Azealia Banks...

And Kesha! (Check out Daisy's death drop. RuPaul's Drag Race is SHOOK.)

Mama mia! Lets-a go! Mario who? We've decided to stan Peach and Daisy forever.

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